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First Day Down

After an early morning greeting and send-off from the Go-Gos (that would be Peggy, Judy and Marylynn) and some respectable folks, I made my way from Epping Forest.  It was an unusual day in that it went exactly as planned.  No unexpected event.  Wow, I know ot to get used to that.  It was a very pleasant ride up Rte 17 to the Florida-Georgia line...little traffic and a small shoulder or bike lane to ride in most of the way.   Once in Georgia, it began to get hot...very hot.  It was a steady 92 degress from about 10 a.m. till I finished my ride at 1:45 p.m.   I went almost 110 miles and stopped about 10 miles north of Darien Georgia.   Michelle met me and we checked into a hotel.  A quick shower, some pizza and a nap.  Now just resting and hoping the body feels okay tomorrow to do it all over.  I hope to reach Yemassee South Carolina tomorrow.

Special shout-out to the send off crew-Lynn, Karen, Peggy, Bill, Bernie, Judy, Marylynn and Michlle.   Thanks

Will be uploading new pictures soon so check it out.

Fund-raising is approaching $88,000.  If you know anyone who may want to give, send them this link.

Thanks again


A Really Lucky Guy

Getting very nervous but also very excited.  I will leave first thing tomorrow from Epping Forest.

As I get ready to depart, I have reflected upon what a lucky guy I am.  I have been supported by tremendous friends and colleagues.  My kids have been very encouraging and helpful.  Last, but not least, Michelle has been completely supportive of me with this crazy ride and all of the nutty things that I do.   I could not do it with all of my friends and family.  You guys will all be in my thoughts as I pedal, pedal, pedal...... I am a really lucky guy.



The Final Countdown

Spent the weekend planning and confirming the first several days routes.  Rode 40 miles hot that I got dehydrated took today off.  Rest for the next 4 days and then ride

The itinerary looks like this:

Day 1:  Jacksonville to Darien Georgia.....mostly on Route 17...some zigzag around Brunswick, but finish back on Route 17

Day 2:  Darien to just north of Ridgeland South Carolina (Yemassee).....Lots of Route 17 but more twists and some unfavorable roads.  Exact details not yet certain

Day3: Yemassee to Moncks Corner, South Carolina....maybe Andrews, SC  In this section we are traveling the "Atlantic Bike Route" which covers more back roads, county roads.  We hope these roads are really bike friendly

Day 4;  Moncks Corner/Andrews to Tabor City NC....

Days 5-7:  Tabor City to Jacksonville NC, New Bern, Aurora, Plymouth, Sunbury, Suffolk, VA, Norfolk, Virginia Beach (then by car over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel

Days 8-9:  Cape Charles, VA to Wilmington DE.....generally on Route 13

I can tell you that these all seem very optimistic and I may need to slide a day here or there and I am not sure what I will do in the event of weather.   I think I need to learn to go with the flow and do only what my body tells me to do.

I am hoping in all of the chaos, I figure out how to enjoy the journey....isn't that what life is all about.

I would love for anyone in any of these areas to join me on my ride. I appreciate all of the support (we are a little slow on our fund-raising goal.  If you know anyone who may want to support my ride, please give them this blog site...thanks)


Oh My rains in the north

Sitting in the airport in Philly after spending the day at AIDHC.  It rained all day.  It does not do that in Florida.  It made me think how unpleasant-and slow, it could be if I have that kind of weather.  Lets keep our fingers crossed for clear, cool and dry conditions with a prevailing wind out of the south.

Just over a week to go and still lots of unplanned details.

I am very excited and appreciate all of the support.  The Jon Gordon article and support on Guidepost has been great.  Thanks to all


God Only Gives You What You Can Handle

Well, yesterday I had my bike repair lesson.  Three hours on a Saturday night...not fun.  But boy did I need it.  After I finished the class, I bought all of the things I would need to do routine repairs-multi-tool, tire wedge, tires, tubes, CO2 cartridges...the works.  Last night, Kody and Michelle got home and first thing this morning I had Kody keep me company on my ride.  Two-thirds of the way through, POP.....there goes my tube.  But luckily, I just learned what to do!  Yeah!.  Unfortunately, all of my supplies and their neat carrying case were all on the kitchen table.   So what did we do?  We called Michelle to come rescue us.  Which she did.  Happy Mother's Day!   When we got home, although it was a little struggle, I changed the tube.  Hopefully that won't be a recurring theme.

Getting really excited and a little nervous.  It is a long way to go