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What a Difference a Nice Seat Makes

Yesterday I put a cushy, gel-filled seat on my bike and set off.  Eighty+ miles later, though my legs were tired, my butt felt fine.  Everything is on track for my May 26th departure.  Check out the story in Jon Gordon's weekly newsletter (5/2/11)at  Pretty cool.  Thanks Jon!


The Heat is Killing Me

Still trying to get long rides in on the weekend.  Sixty+ on Saturday and about the same on Sunday.  Having trouble with the heat.  And there is no getting around it, my butt is killing me.

Hope to do a really long ride next Sunday


Long Training Rides

Riding about 40 miles on Saturday and 85 miles on Sunday.  Still not 100 miles a day-let alone for 9 straight days.  Michelle has signed me up for a bike repair course-I guess i will be able to fix my own flat tires.


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